The Best Gadgets Ever

The Best Gadgets Ever


The Vintage Electric Roadster, which sells for around £6,995, has to be one of the most stylish e-bikes around. Vintage Electric are a California-based company which specialises in combining classic motorbike design with cutting edge bike technology. Their bikes, which can reach up to 36mph, are handmade by a dedicated team of engineers to meet customer specifications.


For outstanding photographs, the Leica S3 Medium Format Camera, costing around £16,500, is a solid investment as it’s designed for years of use. The 64 mega pixel camera features eight-minute exposure, 4K HD video recording and a burst frequency of up to 3.5 frames per second. The autofocus has a higher speed and more precise focusing than previous models, and it includes GPS so you can always record the location of your snaps.


The Freefly Alta 8 (selling for around £15,000) is popular with professionals. Ideal for those who want to record action, it enables users to captures breath-taking aerial shots from distinct angles. Thanks to the quick-release top and bottom trays, you can unload this drone and be ready to fly within five minutes. It also features calibrated sensors to help you navigate any obstacles, and a vibration isolation system for that picture-perfect footage.


Fuelled by caffeine? The Sage Oracle Touch Fully Automatic Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine, Black Truffle (sold at John Lewis for £1,999) can bring cafe quality coffee into your home. It’s easy to use – even before you’ve had that caffeine to jolt you awake – and the touchscreen menu enables you to choose from classics including latte, espresso and cappuccino. The automated steam wand makes milk silky smooth, and you can adjust the coffee strength, milk texture and temperature to suit your taste. 


Costing £29,990, the OLED LG OLED88Z9 is reportedly the first television with 8K resolution. The quality will outshine even the best cinema screens, and the TV can upscale 4K content to 8K using algorithms. The TV is also said to be ideal for 8K gaming.


Anyone for tennis? The Slinger bag is an incredible piece of kit that carries 72 balls, and a ball launcher, helping you to practise your shots. The tech includes a remote control, enabling you to control the speed, frequency and angle of your shots. It also has room for your tennis gear, as well as a camera holder (plus charger) so you can record and analyse your form. Its rechargeable battery lasts for five hours, giving you plenty of time on the court. From £780. 

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